Dogs in the Square

I little while ago, I started a personal project capturing dogs hanging out around Market Square in downtown Portsmouth, NH. Portsmouth is definitely a “dog friendly” place. All I really had to do is sit outside Breaking New Grounds, sip tea and point my camera.

I discovered this loyal companion comfortably waiting for his human while he was inside Breaking New Grounds getting coffee. I think the dog’s owner is a writer, as he would spend hours pecking on his laptop while the dog napped at his feet.

I noticed this standard poodle standing so regal while people milled about him during an event in downtown Portsmouth.

This looked like it was going to be a confrontation, but it ended peacefully.

She looks a little nervous waiting for her owner to appear outside of Ceres Street Bakery. I later found out that she had been a rescue from Hurricane Katrina and suffered separation anxiety.

Such a cute face staring straight at my lens.

This is what I call “blending into the background.”

This little guy seems perfectly content just sitting in his chair, taking in the sights.

Just hanging out on a warm Sunday afternoon in the square.


A Piece of History

While day tripping in Portland, Maine, I wandered down by the docks on Commercial Street and found a piece of the Berlin Wall. It’s on the Long Wharf in the Old Port near DiMillio’s Floating Restaurant. When the 96 mile long Berlin Wall was brought down on November 9, 1989, it was then divided up into segments and distributed around the world.

Chauncey Creek

This odd little shack is located on Chauncey Creek River in Kittery Point. Maine. It is part of the Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier, where you can get a boiled lobster and eat it right on the pier. This popular establishment has been around since 1948. I peeked in the windows and inside is full of potted plants, a rug, chair and a small sofa. Somebody has got a great little retreat on the river.

Early Morning Mist

I drive by this little lake just about every morning. Today it seemed so dreamlike with the early morning mist. A Canadian goose was in the water close to the shore. Unfortunately, he didn’t stick around to pose for me. The little black spot in the ripple of water at the bottom right is my goose swimming away. It’s still a pretty picture.

Petey’s Lobster Pound

I was driving along the coastal road, when I passed Rye Harbor and caught sight of the old lobster shack. Petey’s Lobster Pound has been around for just about forever. The old wooden structure has weathered many storms and seasons.
What is so eye catching is how it’s decorated with all the tools of the trade. The lobster buoys and traps and the paintings depict the folk art of the coast.
In just a few weeks, Petey’s doors will open offering this area’s most popular fare – lobster. But for now, Petey’s doors are closed, waiting for the chilly weather to turn warm.

Spring Bike

You know it’s spring in New Castle, NH, when you round the corner and see this familiar decoration. Last winter the bike was all adorned with greenery and lights, now it’s a feast of spring finery.

Purple and Green

Wandering the rows of plants and flowers at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford, NH, I came across these interesting purple flowers surrounded by so many textures of greenery. I wish I could shrink myself like “Alice in Wonderland” and explore this world of green and purple.

In the Pink

When I need a touch of spring I head to Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford, NH. Even on the coldest day, I can unzip my parker, feel the warmth and shake the winter blues away. This colorful cluster of tulips was just what the doctor ordered.