Chauncey Creek

This odd little shack is located on Chauncey Creek River in Kittery Point. Maine. It is part of the Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier, where you can get a boiled lobster and eat it right on the pier. This popular establishment has been around since 1948. I peeked in the windows and inside is full of potted plants, a rug, chair and a small sofa. Somebody has got a great little retreat on the river.

Early Morning Mist

I drive by this little lake just about every morning. Today it seemed so dreamlike with the early morning mist. A Canadian goose was in the water close to the shore. Unfortunately, he didn’t stick around to pose for me. The little black spot in the ripple of water at the bottom right is my goose swimming away. It’s still a pretty picture.

Petey’s Lobster Pound

I was driving along the coastal road, when I passed Rye Harbor and caught sight of the old lobster shack. Petey’s Lobster Pound has been around for just about forever. The old wooden structure has weathered many storms and seasons.
What is so eye catching is how it’s decorated with all the tools of the trade. The lobster buoys and traps and the paintings depict the folk art of the coast.
In just a few weeks, Petey’s doors will open offering this area’s most popular fare – lobster. But for now, Petey’s doors are closed, waiting for the chilly weather to turn warm.