Best Friends & Christmas Miracles

My best friend was sitting on the sofa patiently waiting for me to finish cooking her dinner. I placed a small bowl of white rice and boiled hamburg in front of her and watched her gobble it up. She is finally eating and drinking, but she is not “out of the woods yet.”

A few days ago, my healthy, bouncy eight-year-old terrier mix fell critically ill. The veterinarian was able to operate, but Gigi’s bladder was damaged. Fortunately, the doctor is a passionate and talented veterinarian. He has been treating Gigi since she was a puppy and refused to give up. He sent Gigi home with a “strong” fifty-percent chance of survival.

When I brought Gigi home, she snubbed her nose up at the nice bed that I made for her and chose her favorite corner of the couch to bed down on. My husband and I took turns sleeping with her during the first crucial nights. We worked as a team giving her antibiotics, pain meds, washing bedding and changing absorbent pads. Things are better and her bladder seems to be working properly. Her stitches will be removed Christmas Eve morning. Her prognosis isn’t great, but then what in life is permanent? If there is one thing that I have learned is that we will always know illness and loss. It is not how long you get to live, but how you live your life that really matters.

As I write this little Gigi is lying by my feet, as she usually is when I am at my computer. I know that there will come a time when she won’t be there. But for now we have these moments. I will remember to cherish these times and just “be” with her. We are best friends and this is the season for miracles.


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