Remembering Sally

It’s early Sunday morning and I make my way out to my favorite bench at the end of the pier overlooking Portsmouth Harbor. I’ve sat in this same place countless times enjoying tea and a muffin. I usually have this spot to myself and today it was just myself and the seagulls looking for pieces of muffin.

All of a sudden, I turned around and looked behind me to the other side of the pier. I don’t know why, it felt like someone tapped me on the shoulder. Of course, there wasn’t anyone there. That’s when I realized that it was the same place where I had taken photographs of a co-worker’s daughter many years ago. We had been out all morning taking photos for her senior pictures. It was the last stop we made. I wanted the harbor and boats as background. The light wasn’t cooperating, so I had the girl’s mom hold up a large silver reflector. Sally was short and she had to stand on tip toes to hold the reflector high enough. She danced around like a ballerina holding the reflector while I took shots at different angles. She looked so funny. We laughed, it was a good day.

Sally died a few years ago and while I think of her often, this was the first time I remembered that long ago day on the pier. As I said, I’ve been out to this spot so many times just to sit and enjoy.

I haven written anything or picked up my camera for a while. I’ve been in some kind of funk. I’ve been trying to get back on schedule, but it just seems easier to sit and “be.” But this morning I took out my pen and scratched out a few words. I didn’t have my camera with me, so I took a couple of pictures with my IPAD. I can remember that day so clearly now. I can practically see Sally dancing around on her toes trying to hold up a reflector almost as big as she was. I can see her daughter smiling at the camera. I can see myself and remember how much I love photography and writing.

What a strange morning. It really felt like someone had tapped me on the shoulder, but there was nobody on the pier but me.



  1. Pamela, there seems to be a lot of that “funk” going around right now. All those New Mexico pictures that I’ve been publishing lately? It’s a cover story. I haven’t been able to shoot for myself in a month or so. Maybe, just maybe I may have broken through yesterday. We’ll see… there are a lot of memories swirling around too. — Ray


  2. Thank you, Ray, it means a lot to know there is someone else surrounded by “funk.” I love the New Mexico pictures and it doesn’t matter when you took them. Maybe we just need some time… Good luck and thanks for the kind words.


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