Seasonal Art

I am obsessed with this old shed out in the back of my house. I return every season camera in hand and can always find something new to photograph. I love the deep textures of the old gray wood, the burnished colors of the rusted metal and the reflections in the old, stained windows. I stood on a step stool to get this shot. I wanted to be even with the window. I see so much going on in this photograph. Soon the first flakes of snow will fall and winter will bring its own story to the shed.


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  1. I can see why you would be so compelled to photograph this shed. There are so many subtle colors in this photograph which work so well together. The tinge of green in the upper window panel, the burnt red of the lower frame, to the golden yellows and rich browns in the wood. It’s such a warm feeling, I absolutely adore this photo.

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