Dogs in the Square

I little while ago, I started a personal project capturing dogs hanging out around Market Square in downtown Portsmouth, NH. Portsmouth is definitely a “dog friendly” place. All I really had to do is sit outside Breaking New Grounds, sip tea and point my camera.

I discovered this loyal companion comfortably waiting for his human while he was inside Breaking New Grounds getting coffee. I think the dog’s owner is a writer, as he would spend hours pecking on his laptop while the dog napped at his feet.

I noticed this standard poodle standing so regal while people milled about him during an event in downtown Portsmouth.

This looked like it was going to be a confrontation, but it ended peacefully.

She looks a little nervous waiting for her owner to appear outside of Ceres Street Bakery. I later found out that she had been a rescue from Hurricane Katrina and suffered separation anxiety.

Such a cute face staring straight at my lens.

This is what I call “blending into the background.”

This little guy seems perfectly content just sitting in his chair, taking in the sights.

Just hanging out on a warm Sunday afternoon in the square.


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