Yellow Skiff

It was such a foggy morning, that I almost missed this yellow skiff poking out of newly fallen snow coming over the bridge onto the island of New Castle, NH.


Veggie Zen

Veggies are some of my favorite things to photograph and I was in “veggie heaven” at a Winters Farmers’ Market held at the Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford, NH. This will be the last of the winter markets in my neck of the woods. The next round of markets will be outside starting in May. I am more than ready!

All About Green

I love to photograph the color green. Maybe it’s the different shades and hues when I am outside and the light is changing. Well, today I am inside at a Winters Farmers’ Market in the Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford, NH, and green veggies are my subjects of choice.

Thoughts of Spring

New England is frozen and as the temperatures drop to the single digits and below, I needed some color and warmth. I took a stroll through Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford, NH. The moist heat inside the greenhouses and the vibrant colors of blooms inspired me to count the days until spring.

Winter Magic

The coastline around the island of New Castle, New Hampshire is like a winter wonderland. As I drive around, I feel like I am inside of one of those snow globes. One moment it is snowing big fluffy flakes and the next I am looking at colors sparkling like winter jewels.

No Fishing Today

My husband and I were at one of our favorite seafood restaurants sharing a plate of fried clams while a snow storm was raging outside. My husband was quicker than I this time and snapped this shot through the window of an old fishing shack on the docks of the Piscataqua River at Newark’s Lobster House in Newington, NH.

After the Storm

The morning after a giant snow storm, the south side of Portsmouth Harbor in Portsmouth, NH, is the deepest of blues and sparkling whites. Everything is so pristine and still in the crisp morning air.